Safety Commitment

CRUYBELT CONTRACTOR, INC.  (C&B) believes that the safety of our customers, subcontractors, employees and the public cannot be compromised by our operations.

Implementation of practices towards achieving a safer workplace is accomplished by establishing programs for the education and on the job training in the identification and prevention of unsafe acts and procedures.  Each employee shall be properly trained in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his/her work environment, to control and eliminate any recognized hazards and to prevent injuries or illness.


Safety / Environmental


  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment as required by OSHA

  • Our task force counts with OSHA's 30 hour training

  • Periodic Training and Awareness to Employees in Safety Rules

  • Refrigerantís Handling (Complying with EPA Clean Air Act)

  • Chemicals Handling according to the Hazard Communication Standard         (M.S.D.S and RCRA)

  • Housekeeping




  • Services at Best Cost




  • Experienced task force

  • Modern equipment

  • Engineering consulting available




  • Adherence to customer schedule

  • Fast response to short notices needs

  • Extension to East, Southeast and Northeast area of the PR Island


Quality Control: (FDA Compliance)


  • Experienced in Clean Rooms Construction

  • Product Segregation and Positive flow construction

  • Humidity and Temperature Control Systems procurements and installation


General Good Construction Practices (GGCP)

  • General Good Construction in areas such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Hospitals, Offices, Water Distribution Systems, Mechanical System, Electrical System and Civil Works always protecting the environment

Insurance Program


  • All projects performed by CRUYBELT CONTRACTORS, INC. are covered by a Commercial General Liability Coverage Policy of Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) produced by a certified insurance company

  • The insurance program included if necessary a project risk evaluation performed by a certified agent from an insurance Broker