CRUYBELT CONTRACTOR, INC.  (C&B) was founded and organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1998.  Since 2001, the company has been fully oriented toward the execution of civil, mechanical and electrical projects.  In this timeframe, we have been honored to gain the confidence of our clients that have chosen us to manage and execute projects that are of paramount importance to their operation and business.  


Our staff is composed of engineers, electrician, cement finisher, carpenters, plumbers, welder, pipe fitters, mechanic technician, refrigeration technician, supervisors and clerical support. With a teamwork orientation, this group creates a synergy that allows us to address our customer needs with flawless results.


Our main office is located in the Las Piedras municipality, in a 1,500 square foot area.  It is equipped with space for projects meetings available to our customers, suppliers and employees. We also have a 1,300 square foot storage area with a trailer office for training purposes. Having all of our efforts centralized, provides Cruybelt the flexibility to reach customers in the east, northeast and southeast coast of the island.  From there, we have been providing services to the pharmaceutical, medical devices, health care and business industry.  


At CRUYBELT, your project requirements and time commitments are very important.  Let us be part of your team to assist on your project construction needs.  Please contact us at any time.